CORNET’s story begins in the 18th century with Theodoor Cornet, then steward of Diepensteyn Castle. His Lord, the Count of Steenhuffel/Maldeghem, a descendant of his illustrious ancestor Sir Salomon deMaldeghem, asked Theodoor Cornet to have a strong beer brewed at Brouwerij DEN HOORN in Steenhuffel. And so, the legendary beer was born. This exclusive beer was brewed and stored in oak casks inside the castle. The Count would only serve it to important guests on special occasions.

This story inspired the brewers at Brouwerij DE HOORN to brew a heavy, blonde beer with a unique but subtle woody note. The strong, blonde beer was named after the steward, Theodoor Cornet. The label features Sir Salomon de Maldeghem as an ultimate homage to his valour and chivalry.

The oak casks have now been replaced with oak chips in the brewing process. The fresh wood gives the beer its distinctive, vanilla flavour. A full-bodied, warm flavour which is unique to CORNET. Enjoy the incredible taste of CORNET, the beer for Knights of Good Taste.