CORNET is a robust Belgian blond beer that is flavoured by adding oak chips during the brewing process. This produces its unique smoothness that erases the sharp edges of every discussion and strengthens dialogue. It is a specialty beer with an equally special mission: CORNET aims to bring people together.


The brewing process in detail

The unique CORNET brewing process generally takes about two months. The following steps ensure the original taste of the blonde beer:

  • The beer is brewed, and stored in the fermentation tanks for one week.
  • After the primary fermentation, the beer undergoes ripening over toasted oak wood chips.
  • This provides the additional aromas, mainly vanilla. The moment at which the influence of the wood chips is sufficiently present in the brew always differs, as wood is a natural product that cannot be standardised.
  • Only by tasting can our brewers determine the exact point at which the brew has the right unique taste. This, too, forms part of the traditional beer brewing process.
  • For an extra fine sparkle, CORNET then undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle for 2 weeks in the warm room.

Your CORNET is now ready to be served. The only thing left for you to do is make a toast to real friendship with your friends and enjoy our craftsmanship.



CORNET has already received numerous awards for its unique flavour and has won the following titles:

2014 – World Beer Awards Gold – Europe’s Best Wood Aged (first time taking part)

2014 – Horeca Expo – Baanbreker Award

2015 – World Beer Awards – Gold – Belgium’s Best Wood Aged

2016 – World Beer Awards – Silver – Belgium’s Best Wood Aged