cornet Oaked Spirit

CORNET OAKED SPIRIT is the strongest CORNET you’ll ever taste. This distillation of CORNET is strong but still has a uniquely soft taste.


De Hoorn Brewery introduces “CORNET SPIRIT”, a beer distillate based on CORNET. This elegant spirit bears the hallmark of CORNET, characterized by fruitiness and touches of oak and vanilla. With 35% alc./vol., CORNET SPIRIT is the strongest CORNET you’ll ever taste.

The brewers of CORNET have for some time been dreaming of creating their own spirit.
They experimented outside the box and tried out a vacuum distillation system instead of the traditional distillation column. CORNET OAKED is the base from which the spirit is distilled, which is then oaked with oak chips. The result is the CORNET SPIRIT.

According to Stijn Bundervoet, brewmaster: ‘The oak chips give it a soft and warm flavour, with the touches of oak and vanilla making an obvious link with CORNET. CORNET SPIRIT is the strongest CORNET you will ever taste.’

The CORNET SPIRIT comes in bottles of 5 cl and is available from better liquor stores or on from the beginning of July.