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It is with great pride that we present CORNET. A strong blonde, top-fermented beer with secondary fermentation occurring in the bottle. We cordially invite you to discover this specialty.

CORNET. Experience the warm, full-bodied taste, and the unique, subtle touch of vanilla; a taste sensation achieved by the addition of shredded oak during the brewing process. Enjoy the long aftertaste, with soft bitterness.

CORNET: beer for the Knights of Good Taste.

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Even at home CORNET is a welcome guest.

Want to enjoy CORNET in the comfort of your own home? Take advantage of our generosity and receive a € 1.50 discount on a 4-pack of CORNET. Now you can enjoy our craftsmanship at home, either in your own company or with your friends.

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CORNET is named after Theodoor Cornet, steward of the ‘Diepensteyn Castle’. His Lord, the Count of Steenhuffel/Maldeghem, a descendant of his illustrious ancestor Sir Salomon de Maldeghem, asked Theodoor Cornet to have a strong beer brewed at Brouwerij DEN HOORN in Steenhuffel. Today, CORNET is an oaked, strong, blonde top-fermented beer (Alc. 8.5% Vol.). Its subtle touch of vanilla is achieved by adding oak chips during brewing.

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TIP: Did you know that CORNET was brewed specially for the Count of Maldeghem, and was only drunk by him and his guests?

CORNET is not yet available at your favourite pub or inn?

Fear not, we will come to the rescue! Want to enjoy a good glass of CORNET in your local pub with your friends? But the pub landlord isn’t quite convinced? We will help you win him over. How? Send him or her a free bottle of CORNET in a personalised beer box. Think of a nice personal message that will convince him to serve CORNET. We’ll make sure that the personalised beer box gets delivered to your landlord. Hopefully, CORNET will soon be on the menu at your local pub.

Ik wil CORNET in mijn stamcafe.

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